Critique Matters


Today I have been working on a novel that I had abandoned. For what reason, I don’t know. I probably got off on another creative adventure. Shocking, huh!

So, here’s what’s on my mind. I’d like to revisit this novel. I haven’t really fully edited it yet, but, I’d like to take an honest approach to getting it published. I know I have work to do and have reached out to groups for some honest critiques, but I thought I’d give my readers a chance at it first.

Let’s be honest, you would be my audience, right? Or maybe intrigued enough to read through this first page and tell me three things:

~ Does it capture your attention enough to turn the page?

~ Are the characters, this far, likable?

~ Should I trash it and try again?

Please leave comments or feel free to email me at Debbuckingham (at) yahoo (dot) com. I always enjoy hearing from my readers.

Thank you! Write On!


All Lacy Parker wanted was a little breathing room and the only place she could find it was in her bathtub. Even though the bubbles were flat and the water was getting cold, Lacy took this time to reflect on her complicated life, especially the last few months concerning Dawson’s infidelity. The four years they spent married was rocky, some would say . . .  insane.

Dawson was frantically packing for his tour to Iraq; a tour that would hopefully prove more successful on his return.

The letter sat unopened on the kitchen table.  A promise of a new tomorrow felt deep within Lacy’s heart as she heard the front door slam.

“Dawson . . .” Lacy howled louder. “Dawson.” Tears ran down her face leaving track marks through her makeup, only to realize he may not return.

Lacy sank further into her cold water, tears of anger welled up inside. A goodbye would have been nice.

“Hey . . . Lacy,” Dawson’s voice took up the silence, “You here?”

How didn’t he know where she was? Maybe he thought she went outside.

“Yea, Dawson, I’m up here.” Lacy jumped from the tub and wrapped an oversized towel around her thin frame; long blond tendrils lay wet against her shoulders. The knock on the bathroom door indicated Dawson was there.  She opened the door wide enough for him to walk in. Her towel fell to the tile floor as Dawson wrapped his strong tattooed arms around her.

NaNoWriMo Day 14

It’s been a few days since I’ve updated you all.

I AM making great progress. I did have a small hiccup this past weekend when my husband, who had been on a business trip for a week, came home.

In walks distraction. (a good one though)

I did get caught up on Monday, then had another one on Tuesday. I didn’t write at all. Oops. So, Wednesday was spent writing 2 days worth.

Done. I decided to have lunch at one of my favorite coffee shop/cafes, Nemo’s, on Wednesdsay. They provide home made food and music I love to listen to.

Word count accomplished.



I then headed back home and wrote the rest from my chair.

Again, word count accomplished.

It is now Thursday, where I woke up excited to write. I think it has something to do with the fact that I now know where I’m taking the rest of this story…or at least some of it anyway.

In walks distraction: On my way to my writing place, I decided to stop at a new shop, used womens clothes and accessories. I snagged a Vera Bradley bag for only $20. Score.



On the road again, and headed straight for Panera Bread to find the perfect booth and have the perfect lunch.



Word count accomplished: 23,424 (26,576 words remaining)

Yes, I’ve verified the word count on my NaNoWriMo page. Have you?


Music is always playing, though this time, NOT on my ipod

Beverage(s) of choice: Mango tea, Herbal Hibiscus, water, iced coffee

Place(s) I chose to write: My comfy chair in the corner, Nemos Coffee/Cafe, Panera Bread


So, as I always say,

Write On!



NaNoWriMo Day 11

Did you notice something? Yes, I missed Day 10.

By design.

Not from the lack of my husband prodding me all day, but by the lack of motivation on my part. I could come up with ten reason why I chose not to write, but not one would make any sense.

Fast forward to Day 11. Done. Word Count Accomplished!

I have to say it’s getting (a little bit) more difficult to keep the story moving forward. You’ve read books like that, where the author gets so stuck, the same scene continues and continues. I guess it’s not that bad, but when you sit in front of the blinking cursor, you quickly realize there’s nothing there.


I managed to move it forward with ease, once the fingers started clicking and I stopped over analyzing it. I think that’s where I get into trouble.

I’m also finding my character, Morgan, talking to me more. I know, some of you think that may be weird, but it really IS the case. She knows where this story is going to take us and it will be a happily ever after despite all the “stuff” happening.

It’s a romance. It has to.

looking thru chairs










Words completed to date: 18,341 (31,659 words remaining)

Yes, I’ve verified the word count on my NaNoWriMo page. Have you?


Music playing on my iPod: Smooth Jazz

Beverage of Choice: Iced coffee

Place I chose to write: My dining room table.


So, as I always say,

Write On!