Critique Matters


Today I have been working on a novel that I had abandoned. For what reason, I don’t know. I probably got off on another creative adventure. Shocking, huh!

So, here’s what’s on my mind. I’d like to revisit this novel. I haven’t really fully edited it yet, but, I’d like to take an honest approach to getting it published. I know I have work to do and have reached out to groups for some honest critiques, but I thought I’d give my readers a chance at it first.

Let’s be honest, you would be my audience, right? Or maybe intrigued enough to read through this first page and tell me three things:

~ Does it capture your attention enough to turn the page?

~ Are the characters, this far, likable?

~ Should I trash it and try again?

Please leave comments or feel free to email me at Debbuckingham (at) yahoo (dot) com. I always enjoy hearing from my readers.

Thank you! Write On!


All Lacy Parker wanted was a little breathing room and the only place she could find it was in her bathtub. Even though the bubbles were flat and the water was getting cold, Lacy took this time to reflect on her complicated life, especially the last few months concerning Dawson’s infidelity. The four years they spent married was rocky, some would say . . .  insane.

Dawson was frantically packing for his tour to Iraq; a tour that would hopefully prove more successful on his return.

The letter sat unopened on the kitchen table.  A promise of a new tomorrow felt deep within Lacy’s heart as she heard the front door slam.

“Dawson . . .” Lacy howled louder. “Dawson.” Tears ran down her face leaving track marks through her makeup, only to realize he may not return.

Lacy sank further into her cold water, tears of anger welled up inside. A goodbye would have been nice.

“Hey . . . Lacy,” Dawson’s voice took up the silence, “You here?”

How didn’t he know where she was? Maybe he thought she went outside.

“Yea, Dawson, I’m up here.” Lacy jumped from the tub and wrapped an oversized towel around her thin frame; long blond tendrils lay wet against her shoulders. The knock on the bathroom door indicated Dawson was there.  She opened the door wide enough for him to walk in. Her towel fell to the tile floor as Dawson wrapped his strong tattooed arms around her.

NaNoWriMo Day 24

I know. I know. I haven’t posted anything in about a week. Life happens, right? 🙂

The release of my second (knitting) book happened on Friday, but I spent much of that week cleaning things up with it. *squee* Too excited.

My 50,000 word novel WILL get finished. I promise you that! I have the ambition this year to finish, a well written novel, at that. I’ve done much editing, despite what they say should happen. I’ve taken a few days off, despite what should have happened, yet I will finish. And on time. I have never EVER got this far in 30 days. Huge accomplishment for me!

Winner! Needs to be the word come Sarurday night.

I’ve been writing 2 chapters a day for the last 2 days, and will do that until I’m caught up. I have left Thursday, Thanksgiving, to only 1 chapter. I have to cook the meal and my family will be here to eat it. 

I find I write well in a coffee shop for the first chapter, then pack up to come home. I knit for awhile, then finish up the next chapter for the day at my dining room table. 


How are you doing? I mean, really. I would love you to leave a comment so I know I’m not alone in this.

Word Count Accomplished: 33,459 (words remaining 16,541)

So, as I always say, 

Write On!






*sigh* You know what I’m saying, right?

You’re cruising along with your WIP, in this case, NaNoWriMo, and life sticks its foot out and trips you up. Image


I can sit and knit all day, think of potential scenes, but the moment that foot flies out, bam!

So, how do we get it back? Some people say, just do it! Others say, how ’bout a writing prompt? Others say, I get it, I’m watching for your followers to post their responses.

What gets you moving in a forward direction when your WIP stalls, or trips you up? I’d love to hear…

So, as I always say,

Write On!

NaNoWriMo Day 7

One week down! 3 more to go!


I’m really kinda diggin’ this writing stuff. After one week, 7 days, of consistent writing, my mojo is coming back. Or should we say, IS back!


I am finding that writing in the evening seems to be my thing. I used to think that mid morning, through lunch, to early afternoon was when my writing mojo kicked in.

I’m truly just excited that it has kicked in.

Today was busy with finalizing (seriously finalizing) my second knitting book. With that behind me (though book signings and promo things now ahead), I can concentrate on getting through November and NaNo.

How about you? How are you doing after 1 week of writing?


Word Count Accomplished!

Words completed to date: 11,748 (38,252 words remaining)

Yes, I’ve verified the word count on my NaNoWriMo page. Have you?

Keep writing friends!

You fail only if you stop writing.

– Ray Bradbury


Music playing on my Ipod: None. The hum of of customers in the cafe ring in my ear

Beverage of choice: Hot Green tea

Place I chose to write: Barnes and Noble Cafe


So, as I say, my friends,

Write On!


NaNoWriMo Day 6


Writing every day is something I’m really beginning to enjoy. Though, I’m finding that having to do book edits, fill Etsy orders, errands, etc…It’s challenging at times.

I won’t quit! I’m almost 7 days in (tomorrow). That makes it 1/5 of the word count completed.

How about you? Have you found that writing is becoming more of a habit than “Oh, my gosh, I HAVE to write yet today and it’s already 8:00 PM.”

No? Good!

That’s the one thing I was hoping to gain from this. The other thing that I’m finding kind of cool is that when you do write everyday, you remember more of the story, so having to go back and read it because you haven’t visited it in over a week…well, ‘nuf said, right?

I started out at a fantastic coffee shop, Wesley Owens, where I ate some lunch and wrote just a bit. Only a bit. My brain wasn’t engaging very well, so I packed up (after only about 300 words) and went shopping. Hobby Lobby to buy yarn, which then turned into Christmas decorations.


Word count accomplished!

Words completed to date: 10,113 (39,887 words remaining)

Yes, I’ve verified the word count on my NaNoWriMo page. Have You?

Keep on writing! Don’t give up. I’m not!

Don’t give up.
There are too many nay-sayers out there who will try to discourage you.
Don’t listen to them.
The only one who can make you give up is yourself.
– Sidney Sheldon


Music playing on my Ipod: Nora Jones

Beverage(s) of choice: Carmel flavored iced tea at Wesley Owens. Iced Coffee at home

Place(s) I chose to write: Wesley Owens this morning. My desk in my loft this evening.


So (my friends), as I always say,

Write On!





NaNoWriMo Day 4

Day 4…Take 1 (and the only take needed today)

I’m so pleased with how the words are flowing. I sat down here at Panera Bread with my soup and coffee at about 12:30 pm. I ate first, then proceeded to write. It’s now 2:13 pm.

That’s 1667 words in less than 2 hours.

Fantastic, right?

I mentioned yesterday that I thought each day i wrote, the words were coming a bit quicker. Today, I believe the same thing.

How about you? How are your words flowing? Hopefully effortlessly…

Writing has been a part of my life in various aspects of my life… I wrote content for my Knitting book, I wrote the patterns in the knitting book, I write on both my blogs. So, I believe it’s time to take this novel writing to the next level. *smiling*

I know we’re told to not edit our work during NaNo, but honestly can you really do that? I don’t do it the the extent of going back to the very beginning and re-reading, then editing, but I do backspace as far as necessary (when needed) to make the story work.

I am not willing to just write junk. It has to be a sensible story, with sensible developing characters, and a consistent story theme.

Today: No distractions to report.

I’m wondering if going to (one of) my favorite coffee shops and writing is what I need to do? I think so.


Word count accomplished!

Words completed to date: 6700 (43,300 words remaining)


Music playing on my Ipod: None. Though, beautiful instrumental music can be heard from the speakers, as well as chatter coming from dining customers fills the room.

Beverage of Choice: Hazelnut Coffee & Water

Place I chose to write: Panera Bread


So, as I always say,

Write On!




NaNoWriMo Day 3

I’ve made it through Day 3…quite an accomplishment (so far).

The day started okay. With the time change it did make it somewhat hard to realize the morning was s l o w l y going by.

Knitting along, with coffee, took most of my morning, when I realized it was time to jump in the shower and head out the door.

In walks distraction: For some shopping. More Christmas Shopping.

After stopping off at my corner Dunkin Donuts (no, not a donut this time) for some iced coffee and an egg sandwich for lunch.

Back home, I set my Ipad up, got out my sandwich and proceeded to write.

The one thing I think I’m noticing is the words are coming a bit quicker each day I sit down to write. I believe it will continue. And the one thing I was hoping for. To get my mojo back…

Cool, huh?


Word count accomplished!

Words completed to date: 5026 (44,974 words remaining)


Music playing on my Ipod – Nora Jones

Beverage of Choice – Iced Coffee

Place I chose to write – My dining room table


So, as I always say,

Write On!



NaNoWriMo Day 2

On a roll…is all I can say!

The day started early, as our granddaughter had spent the night and was ready to get up. After getting her situated, I started the coffee and sat down to knit for awhile. For those that don’t know, I’m not only a knitter, but a knitting designer and published author. Writing is something I love to do and hope to be a (Fiction) published author as well one day.

With an attempt at getting a few words started, I opened my ipad and found nothing but a blinking blue cursor. Failed miserably. So, I put my ipad away and continued to knit. I do find that knitting puts my mind in a different place. A place I can rely on to get me thinking about what’s next…

Do you have something that gets you in the writing mood?

In walks distraction: Time to take the little one out to breakfast, hand her off to her mommy, then head to do a bit of shopping. Christmas Shopping at that.

Back home and back to my knitting, while my husband got ready for his trip to New York City next week.

My mind started turning as I continued to knit, so I grabbed my ipad, opened up my Storyist App, and began to write chapter 2. See, I’m writing a chapter (in this novel) a day. 30 chapters will be written by the end of NaNoWriMo. That’s my goal.

Fantastic, huh?

In walks distraction: Coffee time. We walked around the corner to our neighborhood Dunkin Donuts and grabbed some coffee and donut. I know, it helps with the writing, or so I said it did anyway.


Back to writing. Word count accomplished.

Words completed to date: 3376 (46,624 remaining)


Music playing on my Ipod – None today

Beverage (and snack) of Choice – Coffee (and donut)

Place I chose to write – My craft studio in the basement


So, as I always say,

Write On!