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What Knitting or Crocheting Can Teach Us

  As a designer, I spend many hour escaping into the Ravelry world, an amazing knitting and crocheting community (website) where people come and stay. For hours sometimes. I click through 10, 15, 100 versions of the same shawl pattern (or dishcloth, sock, scarf, hat pattern), looking intently at the yarns used, the projects created… Continue reading What Knitting or Crocheting Can Teach Us

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12 Days of Patterns Giveaway

Hello! It's that time of year where I love to spoil my followers. Do you follow me on Facebook? You might want to. Each day, starting tomorrow Monday 12/11 - Friday 12/22, you will receive a coupon code that will give you a FREE pattern. I might even give another FREE pattern if you follow… Continue reading 12 Days of Patterns Giveaway

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Am I Missing Something?

Hi Knitters!Haven't we often heard that question, whether someone truly didn't understand your intentions or they just missed something. Seriously, there's a way in which it is interpreted.Right?I need to explain to you all what exactly I do, and who exactly my audience is, at this time.I began designing in the year 2008. My focus… Continue reading Am I Missing Something?

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What is Color Inspiration to You

Hi Knitters!I'm always in the mood to create things that help in my color inspiration. Whether, it be paint chips (that I admittedly took in handfuls from Home Depot), Pinterest Mood boards, or browsing through magazines your neighbor hands you as you are getting in your car.It's all about color theory...basically, how to select colors… Continue reading What is Color Inspiration to You

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BOOK REVIEW: Warm Days, Cool Knits

When I receive a book to review, I immediately sit down and flip through. My first thought was, well done Corrina! The layout was simple. The sections referenced the four seasons. And, the photography showed off the details of each piece.Author: Corrina FergusonPaperback: Warm Days, Cool KnitsPublisher: Interweave/F+WNumber of pages: 144Retail Price: $24.99This book allows you to… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Warm Days, Cool Knits

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BLOGcast – Episode 1

I'm so excited to announce that I will be joining the ranks of the (many fabulous) podcasters, but, as a BLOGcaster. For me, it's about the writing. I want to start out by saying THANK YOU for viewing my first (ever) BLOGcast. I think I may have made up this word, but it really does fit.… Continue reading BLOGcast – Episode 1

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Enabling You

Well, it's Friday. The perfect day to show you something else I'm sure you can't live without.   My newest book, Dishcloth Diva Knits On! Is out and available. My publisher, Cooperative Press has been amazing to work with. The creative control is something no other publisher could offer me. I had the ability to shoot… Continue reading Enabling You

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Enabling You

I am a huge fan of podcasts. HUGE!I recently listened to Diane, from Knitabulls Podcast. I usually am knitting and drinking coffee or tea while I tune in. She lives in Colorado, as I do. She's very personable and one you could quickly call a "friend." She has a ravelry group that is over 4000… Continue reading Enabling You

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Checking In…

Well, we're here again. The time I get to share with you, and hopefully enable you, with what's on my needles, on my Nook, what music has been my go-to, and maybe a bit about my sewing...WIP'S I'm currently working on a couple new designs, and a pair of socks (for me). Cookie A, "Monkey" Socks. It's a… Continue reading Checking In…

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Interview with Laura Linneman – Knitting Designer

If you could only see me, I'm squealing with delight as I introduce you to my newest Knitting Designer. And wait till you hear who she is and how I met her. Usually, it's the quick realization that the pattern I just knitted of said designer, is the reason I chose, said designer.Not in this… Continue reading Interview with Laura Linneman – Knitting Designer