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I’m all sorts of Crazy…

  That got your attention, didn't it! *smiling* I've been knitting, sewing, and cross stitching, oh my! Grab your coffee, sit in your favorite comfy chair and have a read. First things first, I've released the July dishcloth to my Dishcloth Diva Club Ebook. Do you have it yet? I mean the ebook? If not,… Continue reading I’m all sorts of Crazy…

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Olympic Knit Pattern Inspiration

Knitting winter hats is fun, you have to agree. Most are quick to knit. This one is no exception. A one skein project, a good Netflix movie, your favorite beverage, and it's done! FREE pattern for you. Just because...

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12 Days of Patterns Giveaway

Hello! It's that time of year where I love to spoil my followers. Do you follow me on Facebook? You might want to. Each day, starting tomorrow Monday 12/11 - Friday 12/22, you will receive a coupon code that will give you a FREE pattern. I might even give another FREE pattern if you follow… Continue reading 12 Days of Patterns Giveaway

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Finish-It Friday

I have had too much time on my hands this week. Not because I'm "out of work", but because I've simply been lazy. Sigh...I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. We all have "one of those weeks." However, with so much time, I've been able to finish many things. My Etsy shop is looking fantastic.… Continue reading Finish-It Friday

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Top 10 Reasons I Love to Decorate with Color

I'm all about COLOR. Anyone who know me, knows COLOR  is what gets me in a good mood and keeps me there. I'm decorating my loft/work space to reflect me.  COLOR inspiration is something that tickles me to the core. This is the COLOR  palette I'm aiming for.  Wall COLOR, and accent pieces all working together… Continue reading Top 10 Reasons I Love to Decorate with Color

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Top 10 Reason Why I LOVE to Buy Knitting Books

Isn't it fun to figure out 10 reasons (funny or not) why you do what you do? I'll list mine, then I'd love to read your #1 reason...let's go!We all have different reasons for buying knitting books. Mine are a bit serious 😉  Top 10 reasons why I LOVE to buy knitting books:10 -  To keep… Continue reading Top 10 Reason Why I LOVE to Buy Knitting Books

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Write with Passion (and Knit)

The minute I sat down to write this post, every cotton-pickin' thought I had just ran for the open window.No, this isn't really what happened, it's the story starter to a romance novel that continues to roll around in that head of mine. She's a writer and a knitter. Brilliant, huh? She struggles with blogging. Sound… Continue reading Write with Passion (and Knit)

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Interview with Robin Sample – Knitting Designer

One of the biggest mysteries in the knitting world is how to achieve success as a designer.  Please meet my feature designer, Robin Sample. When I discovered her pattern for Sojourn Mitts, I was deeply in awe of this designer. I clicked around her blog and discovered she was overly fond of wool. Score! So… Continue reading Interview with Robin Sample – Knitting Designer