I’m all sorts of Crazy…



That got your attention, didn’t it! *smiling*

I’ve been knitting, sewing, and cross stitching, oh my!

Grab your coffee, sit in your favorite comfy chair and have a read.

First things first, I’ve released the July dishcloth to my Dishcloth Diva Club Ebook. Do you have it yet? I mean the ebook? If not, its not too late. Get it HERE.

This simple dishcloth is a stripey patriotic fun knit.


I’ve also been sewing on this tote. I finished it yesterday and love it so much. It carries all my projects effortlessly. Made with cotton fabric and cork fabric (for pockets), this will be my go-to favorite bag. The FREE pattern is called Reversible Box Tote by Very Shannon. It’s so much fun to sew. Goes together very well. Her instructions are easy to follow. I’ll DEFINITELY make this again.

Something that is near and dear to my heart is cross stitching. Years ago when my girls were little (they are now 31 and 35), I took to cross stitching. I made the cutest samplers and had them framed at a frame shop.

I took a decade or more away from it, and began knitting. Soon after I added author to my credentials.

Fast forward to today, I’m back to cross stitching (still knitting). Though, the craft hasn’t changed, the way in which we purchase and frame have. Purchasing is done primarily online. Sadly, there aren’t any stitching shops in my area. I found Stoney Creek online, where I’ve purchased many things. In fact, my order should arrive today. I already have my cart filled (again).

Also, I’ve discovered through FlossTube, Yes, it’s a thing–a YouTube variation for those of us who cross stitch, Priscilla and Chelsea, a mom and daughter team who cross stitch and share. They are my newest obsession. Such enablers, they are. *wink*

Cross stitching is why I called this post what I did. I love a new found craft, even though it’s an old craft for me. I embrace the crazy. Hey…maybe that should have been the name of this post.


Well, that’s all I have for today. I will be back to share my haul from Stoney Creek.

Until next time,

Get YOUR crazy on!


Olympic Knit Pattern Inspiration

Hello friends!

Are you watching and enjoying the Olympics? I’m sure there are many of you (like me), that don’t have a lot of time to sit and enjoy them.

I did see Chloe Kim in the snowboarding competition, though. Wasn’t she amazing? And, did you see her hat? Cute, huh?!

Designers have taken it upon themselves to create their own version of this cute winter hat.

Me included!

I’m calling mine Winter Games Chunky Hat.




The details for this cute, cozy and comfy hat are below. I hope you enjoy this fast and fun ONE skein knit. Gather your supplies, your favorite beverage and a great Netflix show. Cast On!


1 skein Super Bulky Yarn – I used Lion Brand Thick and Quick

US Size 15 Knitting Needle


Tapestry Needle, Stitch Marker, Scissors, Tape Measure (if you’re analytical like me), Pom Pom Maker


CO 44 stitches, place marker and join for working in the round.

Round 1: *K1, p1; repeat from * around.

Repeat round 1 until hat measure 10.5″ or desired length. This length includes a 2.5″ rolled up brim.

Next Round: *k2tog; repeat from * around. 22 sts

Next Round: *k2tog; repeat from * around. 11 sts


Using a tapestry needle, thread remaining 11 stitches through, pull tight and secure inside the hat. Weave in all ends.

Pom Poms can be made various ways. I chose to use the largest Pom Pom maker. Attach, wear and gets lots of compliments.

Knit On!

~ Deb






12 Days of Patterns Giveaway

12 Days of Patterns 2017


It’s that time of year where I love to spoil my followers.

Do you follow me on Facebook? You might want to.

Each day, starting tomorrow Monday 12/11 – Friday 12/22, you will receive a coupon code that will give you a FREE pattern. I might even give another FREE pattern if you follow me over on Instagram.

It can be anything from a dishcloth pattern to a blanket pattern to a sockpattern to a hat pattern to a scarf pattern. Who knows what I feel like giving that day!

I know Christmas is coming fast, but these projects will be fast to knit and fun. The perfect gift for anyone on your list.

I have so many fun things planned this next year. I’m jumping in with both feet. Be watching for things like guest bloggers, interviews will begin again *happy dance*, podcasters who will be talking about the patterns I gift them and coupon codes for their viewers, challenges for you and me, and LOTS more.

Inspiring a Creative Life.

It will be a jam packed year.

So, as I always say,

Knit On!



Finish-It Friday

I have had too much time on my hands this week. Not because I’m “out of work”, but because I’ve simply been lazy. Sigh…

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. We all have “one of those weeks.” 

However, with so much time, I’ve been able to finish many things. My Etsy shop is looking fantastic. (If I don’t say so myself) My shop now contains crochet cowls, which I love. Look for more crochet items soon…

My Honey Cowl (linked under the Patterns I endorse tab) is coming along as well. I hope to have that finished over the weekend.

I have some fun quilting and sewing projects waiting patiently in my craft room. I’m participating in a Block of the Month Club with Amy Gibson. Her blog, Stitchery Dickory Dock is one of the coolest blogs. She’s an excellent blogger. I hope you’ll pop over and check it out.  

I went to Joann Fabrics yesterday and bought my fabric for the Sugar Block Club. Black, grey, white, and a touch of pink.  Can you pick out the houndstooth? Love me some houndstooth…

Then…last but not least, what will this fabric be when it grows up? Any thoughts?

So, as I always say,

Knit On! Or Sew On!


Top 10 Reasons I Love to Decorate with Color

I’m all about COLOR. Anyone who know me, knows COLOR  is what gets me in a good mood and keeps me there. I’m decorating my loft/work space to reflect me.  COLOR inspiration is something that tickles me to the core. This is the COLOR  palette I’m aiming for. 


Wall COLOR, and accent pieces all working together to create a cohesive look. Whether it’s monochromatic or pastel, neutral or complimentary, everyone has their thing. I love to go down into my fabric stash and choose COLORs that work well together. Like this. I love to have one COLOR that just pops. In this case, It’s the pink.


Now…what are the top 10 reasons I love to decorate with COLOR?

1 –  Decorating with  COLOR makes me feel like a designer.

2 –  Decorating with COLOR gives me permission to go buy things that I normally wouldn’t buy.

3 –  Because when studying about COLOR, I ran across what it says about someone who likes purple, for example…artistic and unique. Someone who likes pink is happy, blissful, content, artistic (there’s that word again), and quirky. Probably. A person who likes green is balanced, relaxed, humble. (well, not sure about the humble part, in my case anyway) *smiling* How about brown…solid, dependable, stable, realistic, mature. Definitely me, well, unless you want to take mature out of there. I’m definitely a kid at heart. *smiling again*

4 –  COLOR provides the creative inspiration in everything I design from dishcloths to accessories.

5   COLOR gives me that happy feeling. 

6 –  COLOR is something that can change a room or change the look of a whole house. For example, I painted one living room wall a rich red/burgundy COLOR, and yes, it changed the room instantly.
7 –    COLOR is always the first thing my friends comment on when they walk in one of my color inspired rooms.
8 –   COLOR gives me the satisfaction in my decorating than even placing a new accessory on a table would.
9 –  Loving COLOR so much, allows me to decorate “Diva” style. 

10 –   Because I get to highlight the word  COLOR every time it comes up in a sentence. 
What about you? Why do you love to decorate with COLOR? This is where you can share all of your secrets, good or bad. A place to (maybe) learn from someone else. 
Please leave a comment. I would LOVE to hear.
This wasn’t a fiber related top ten list, because I got a little diverted due to my current WIP. Not knitting wise, design wise.
So, as I always say, 
Knit On!

Top 10 Reason Why I LOVE to Buy Knitting Books

Isn’t it fun to figure out 10 reasons (funny or not) why you do what you do? I’ll list mine, then I’d love to read your #1 reason…let’s go!
We all have different reasons for buying knitting books. Mine are a bit serious 😉  
Top 10 reasons why I LOVE to buy knitting books:
10 –  To keep the book stores in business.
9 –  It’s a treat to go shopping for a new one.
8 –  To get inspiration from others. It’s one thing to get inspiration from staring at your stash, but it’s (quite another) when you’re flipping through the colorful books, and the inspiration is right in your face. 
7 – To support those authors that I follow along with on their blogs. Branching out from internet to paper is a huge deal, and I’m all about supporting them.
6 – To give my shelf a bit of eye-candy. To brighten up my (already) lively book shelf.
5 – To collect ALL the books from my favorite designers.
4 – The luxury of flipping through the book to make sure it is what it says it is. It’s one thing to buy it online and think you’re getting the perfect book, only to open it up when it arrives and it’s nothing like you thought it would be.
3 – An excuse to sit in my favorite chair, sip on iced coffee with my corgi at my feet, and enjoy the content. A great excuse to do nothing.
2 – I love the smell of a book. Okay, weird, I know.
And the #1 reason I LOVE to buy knitting books (really, there are many) is to support the author, learn a new skill, and have a library full of brilliant, endless projects. A book to spend many hours with, while browsing the beautiful photography, and if the book has stories, oh…even better. Me, coffee, and a good story (especially, if it’s about knitting somehow), even better. I also consider it a bit therapeutic. 
I know these were a bit more serious than recent Top 10 lists, but I do take them serious. It’s important to acknowledge those that have branched into print copy, and support their efforts. 

Stay tuned every Tuesday where I share top ten reasons for all things fiber related.
As I always say,
Knit on!

Write with Passion (and Knit)

The minute I sat down to write this post, every cotton-pickin’ thought I had just ran for the open window.

No, this isn’t really what happened, it’s the story starter to a romance novel that continues to roll around in that head of mine. She’s a writer and a knitter. Brilliant, huh? She struggles with blogging. 
Sound familiar?

Everyone who blogs struggles with content, or at least some do. My character sure does. She’s a romantic at heart, finds much comfort through knitting, and writes about the oddest things. She can’t find a boyfriend to save her life, and has a corgi she talks to like a human being.

Poor girl.
Details later.
So, as I always say,
Knit On! (or in this case, Write On!)


Interview with Robin Sample – Knitting Designer

One of the biggest mysteries in the knitting world is how to achieve success as a designer.
Please meet my feature designer, Robin Sample. When I discovered her pattern for Sojourn Mitts, I was deeply in awe of this designer. I clicked around her blog and discovered she was overly fond of wool. Score! So am I.

Robin says, “A few things that make me happy are autumn, home baked bread, vanilla anything, a cup of hot tea, Poirot, mason jars, the wind in the trees, hollyhocks and daisies, fancy schmancy grocery stores, 70’s soft rock, real maple syrup, hobnail milk glass, anything lemon, a good laugh, real butter and sweet puppies.”

Gotta love a woman like that.

My knitted pair

I was so gaga over her FREE pattern Sojourn Mitts, I shared it with everyone: bitch ‘n knit girls, neighbors, friends, family, just anyone who would take a look at my perfectly finished fingerless mitts. I did great, no doubt, but it was her detailed pattern that made me look SO good.

Let’s talk with her:

Robin, What inspired you to design these fabulous Sojourn Mitts?

These mitts came about because I have cold hands! I needed a pair of mitts that I could easily slip on and off, and I’d been playing around with the broken rib stitch pattern in a swatch. It was sort of like the old Reese’s peanut butter cup ads – they were made for each other.

Is there anything in particular that inspires you to design?

Everything inspires me (I know, everyone says that). I don’t know if it’s true for most designers, but coming up with ideas is the never-ending part. I’m always jotting down notes, making sketches, earmarking a stitch pattern…something. It’s taking all those ideas and filtering them into something unique, usable and repeatable, that is the challenge. I love nature, fall, hiking in the woods. Being outside always gets my creative juices flowing. I love to knit socks and mitts, so naturally gravitate towards those types of designs.

What advice do you have for a new knitter?

(A) Don’t be afraid…it is only yarn. Dive in and try something that inspires you! What’s the worst thing that could happen…it’ll have mistakes in it? So what!?

(B) If you knit things you love and are excited to knit, you’ll learn and grow so much faster. If you’re knitting a scarf because someone told you that was a beginner level project, but you hate it, you’ll never finish it. Cast on something you’re PASSIONATE about finishing.  

How long have you been knitting, Robin?

I learned to knit (but not purl) about 20 years ago. About 12 years ago, I picked it up again and fell all the way in. 

What was the first knitting project as a new knitter?

I knit a huge (HUGE) garter stitch blanket out of dark green cotton yarn. It weighed about 20 pounds, I think. I didn’t know how to purl, so I just kept knitting…and knitting. My second go-round, I knitted a small pouch in stockinette with a seed stitch top band. I still have the pouch. I don’t have the blanket 🙂

How has knitting changed your life?

Woosh…in a lot of ways. My husband and I now plan vacations around knitting and spinning! I still embroider, sew and quilt…but they happen occasionally. I knit and/or spin every day. I read about knitting every day (on Ravelry, blogs, magazines, or books). I found a love of sheep, and alpaca through knitting. The wonders of wool yarn always amaze me. I could go on and on here…

What is your favorite thing to knit? Obviously, Sojourn Mitts are already on that list…

Socks. I adore knitting socks. If I want a challenge, I knit a complex sock. If I want to relax and not think, I knit a simple sock. If I don’t know what to knit, I knit a sock. Mitts come in a close second here. In a lot of ways, socks and mitts are similar: you cast on, you truck around and around for a while. Just when you might be getting a little tired of that – boring! It’s time for the heel (or thumb).  You perk up through that, then settle back down for the foot (or hand) and before you know it, it’s time for the toe (or fingerband) and then you’re binding off. And you think, “man, that was fun!” Which is good, since your sock or mitt needs a mate…and you get to go again. Of course, there are also shawls…

One last question, Robin, What is your favorite yarn to use? Because you know, as well as any knitter, there are favorites…

I’m a wool lover. I think sheep are brilliant. So, except for June through August (and that’s only because I live in Arkansas, where we have “air you can wear”), you’ll find me knitting with wool yarn. Sock yarn, is of course, a weakness. I tend to prefer finer gauge yarns overall, though. Lace weight yarn is another one I seem to collect a fair amount of because  you never know when the urge to cast on a shawl will strike! 

I’m so glad to be following Robin on twitter, and on her blog, and on Pinterest, so I can find out what she’s up to, and what her next fabulous design is. 

Dear Readers, you must check out Robin, as she’s an inspiration to all us knitters and designers.

Many thanks to Robin for participating in my feature designer series…stay tuned each Wednesday for a new knitting designer. You WON’T want to miss a single week.

So, as I always say,

Knit On!