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Ebook Release

Hey friends! As I begin to embark on this whole self-publishing journey (my publisher rolled up the sidewalk and closed the door), I'm quickly reminded of how not very tech-savvy I really am. I can definitely use and get around a computer, but when it comes to the nitty-gritty back end work of certain software,… Continue reading Ebook Release

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How to be a more Productive knitter

Are you tired of being stuck in Area 51 (your stash) with all your UFOs (unfinished objects) and PHDs (projects half done)? I've put together a list of ways for you to be more productive and organized with your knitting.

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Day 5—knit-a-long

Can you believe it? We’re almost done.This is the day you will walk away with your dishcloth cloth in hand. Recap: √Cast On 38 sts. √Knit 3 rows. √Completed 1st 8 rows of pattern. √Completed 1st 8 rows 6 times, THEN rows 1-3 ONE more time.Questions?Now, we’ll knit the last 3 border rows.Almost Done…All we need… Continue reading Day 5—knit-a-long

free patterns,, KAL, knit a long, knitting, knitting patterns

Day 4—Knit-a-long

You’ve gotten pretty far on your dishcloth.  How do you feel about it so far? Problems? Don’t forget to post them here or on our flickr page. I’m here to help, as well as those more experienced knitters in the group, they’ll chime in too.Okay, Let’ move on. Full Steam ahead, as I say.Recap: √Cast… Continue reading Day 4—Knit-a-long

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Day 3—Knit-a-long

Yay! We're on our way...So, let's recap…we’ve learned to cast on and knit our first stitches, right?Now, it's time to purl and create a sequence of knits and purls! You had a video on Day 2 on How to Purl. If you need to refer back, please do. You should have your first 3 rows knitted,… Continue reading Day 3—Knit-a-long, knit a long, knitting, knitting patterns

Day 2 – Knit-A-Long

We get to knit today!If you’re new to knitting, please relax and enjoy yourself. This isn’t hard. By the end of the knit-a-long, not only will you have more confidence (my hope anyway), but you will have a completed dishcloth that you can put to use right away…don’t forget Christmas presents. Everyone loves a knitted… Continue reading Day 2 – Knit-A-Long, knit a long, knitting patterns

The Artful Yarn Knit-A-Long

Welcome to Day 1 of our knit-a-long. Today is gathering supplies for our project. Tomorrow we get to knit. Yay! These posts will remain on my blog so there is no pressure to finish "on time".  You can jump in whenever it’s convenient for you.  I will post each day for a total of 5… Continue reading The Artful Yarn Knit-A-Long

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Knit-A-Long…It’s near

i'm so excited.been busy getting the posting ready here on this blog. you can expect youtube videos to guide you and pictures to show you what's needed. i promise, i won't lead you astray. i have also created a flickr group to keep connected. too fun!hope you'll join me here next tuesday, october 11 for… Continue reading Knit-A-Long…It’s near

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i'm so excited to introduce my very first knit-a-long. most knitters know it as KAL. but for those new to the craft (and, i'm ecstatic to be the one to teach this), we'll refer to it as a knit-a-long.i'll post details starting on tuesday, october 11th, then daily after that, taking the weekend to finish… Continue reading Knit-A-Long