Knit Your Holiday Gifts

Welcome Knitters & Crocheters,

Did you know that Christmas is ONLY 177 days away? I know, right?


Have you thought about what your gift list looks like? Have you thought maybe a Knit along with me might be fun? I’m sure you haven’t. But, it promises to be so much fun!

If so, please join me over on my Facebook Page where you will receive Free, Paid for, and recommended dishcloth patterns, that will help you get a jump start on your Holiday knitting. I have a fun prize package (it may even include on of my books *smiling*) for the one that knits the most dishcloths in the month. Fun, huh?

Your to-list, as well as mine, is to make a list of those people that enjoy receiving a creative gift. As we all know, not all recipients appreciate a hand-made gift. And, that’s ok, right? Be thoughtful in your list. It may even be fun to add some natural hand cream to your cotton dishcloth as a gift. That’s always a great addition.

Have a fun-filled weekend knitting your first dishcloth pattern of the month. It can be found here. Yes, it’s mine. 🙂 And I made it available for free for liking my page.

Knit On!




Random Thoughts and Rants about Knitting

Good Morning knitters & crocheters!

It’s Spring! Finally…

The part of the year where mother nature becomes a bit confused. A little snow, hail, rain, lightening, thunder, and the sun pops out a bit every day. But, it’s Spring!

Spring also brings new design ideas. New business ideas.

I’m currently working with a few yarn companies in getting beautiful fibers to pair with my patterns. There will be kits available in my Etsy shop SOON. It’s getting the yarn, knitting it up in that yarn, and then kit(ting) it. Is that even a word? *smiling*

My newest design, Timeless, will be the first to be available. I’ll be getting the yarn today, so be watching for it over the weekend. I don’t want you to be frightened of this design. So many of my customers look at it and say, It looks hard. I design for the novice in mind, so you can be assured, I’ve written the directions in a way you will understand them and be successful at it. You may even see a video (my first, eek…) on how to do the cable row. Seriously, friends, I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

I’m also crocheting again. This craft was where I began. I have always enjoyed the fact that there is only one hook and your yarn. I once had made-to-order dishcloths in my Etsy shop, then when I became too busy to keep up with the demand, I took them out. Well…my crochet ready-to-ship dishcloths are back. They are in sets of 3 and 4, and reasonable priced. They are going well. More sets, to include a new Spring line, will be added. Summer is coming as well.  Come have a peek…

What else…

Oh! I have another book idea. I know, right?! I may have told you already, but, this one will be a story paired with patterns. Now, to find just the right design idea(s) to go with the storyline.

I’m doing Vickey Howell’s KAL on her Facebook Page. You know, as busy as I am, there’s still time for a bit of fun. I love doing this, and the pattern is a cute poncho. I haven’t knit one of these in a while, or perhaps ever, so I’m making the small one for my granddaughter and the adult one for Me. Or mommy is she wants. But we will match.


If you own the current issue of Knit Simple, the pattern is in there. If you don’t, you can purchase it for $5 HERE. It’s well written, as you’d expect, and you get 3 different sizes for that price. I always look at the the added value when purchasing. Also, they’ve gone to the trouble to take out errors to prevent further errata. So, value added. The yarn used is her own. Bernat Sheep(ish) Stripes. It’s lovely to work with. Soft, knits well, and doesn’t split. And the stripes? Are you kidding me? *love*

Vickey Howell has been my idol since Knitty Gritty. That show took me from being a novice knitter to being the knitter that said, Hey, I can do that. So, this gal is fantastic. I do hope you will jump in, we are only ONE day into this KAL.

I think that’s it for today. I plan on updating you often with my thoughts, designs, and ideas.

So, for now,

Knit On!


Camp Loopy

I’m so excited to have found this Ravelry group. Well, a friend told me about it. You think I would have known about this before now, I mean…I do live in Colorado, and their fabulous yarn shop is well, only an hour away. Loopy Ewe

However, I’m on the canoe–the blue canoe. My yarn is predominately blue. Though, this is a virtual camp, it’s a camp no less, with canoes and yachts and cabins, and lots of crazy women–me included.

I told them, “My idea of camping was the Hyatt.” They replied by telling me, “Camp Loopy Hotel was closed due to termite infestation, though the cabana boys will row our canoes while we knit.” Sweet!

The goal? To knit 3 project over the next 3 months. The first project is a pattern that uses 400 yds of yarn, and from an international designer. I’m choosing “Wingspan”. It’s an asymmetrical shawl that looking daunting, though they claim, it may be the easiest thing I knit. We’ll see. I’ll be posting pictures through this process. We can NOT cast on till 12:01 on 6/27 and this MUST be complete (with pics posted) by 7/27 when we’ll begin our second project.

We will be told the specifications of that project sometime in June.

Then our third and final project will be from 7/27 – 8/27. Those detail to follow in July.

This is all in celebration of our summer Olympics. 

Get it?

I do…and I’m so excited to participate. It’s a great distraction while I await the final details of my book. You knew about that, right? I sure hope so, it (should) be out this year. Details coming…

I plan on taking you all with me on my Blue Canoe to Camp Loopy, where you can experience my knitting journey through this awesome pattern, Wingspan

As I always say,

Knit On!


Day 5—knit-a-long

Can you believe it? We’re almost done.
This is the day you will walk away with your dishcloth cloth in hand. 
Recap: √Cast On 38 sts. √Knit 3 rows. √Completed 1st 8 rows of pattern. √Completed 1st 8 rows 6 times, THEN rows 1-3 ONE more time.
Now, we’ll knit the last 3 border rows.
Almost Done…
All we need to do is bind off all 38 sts and weave in the ends.
                                                                      Excellent video
 Time to tuck (weave) those ends in.

I hope you enjoyed this knit-a-long. 
Happy Knitting!

Day 4—Knit-a-long

You’ve gotten pretty far on your dishcloth.  How do you feel about it so far? Problems? Don’t forget to post them here or on our flickr page. I’m here to help, as well as those more experienced knitters in the group, they’ll chime in too.
Okay, Let’ move on. Full Steam ahead, as I say.
Recap: √Cast On 38 sts. √Knit 3 rows. √Complete 1st 8 rows of pattern.
Today, and for the next few days, I’m going to ask that you complete those 8 rounds 5 more times, for a total of 6. THEN complete rows 1-3 ONE more time. 
Are you using a checking off system?
            *numbering a piece of paper 1-8 and putting a mark by the row complete
            *using your row counter, then keeping track of how many rounds you do
Whichever way works best, is the method for you. Or maybe you’ve created your own. 
I’ve included a video by one of my favorite people (I know, everyone’s my favorite). Just plain fun to listen to. Enjoy!

I will post the final day’s events over the weekend, so when you’re ready, you can finish up.
Next: Knitting last 3 rows, Binding off, weaving in all your ends.

Day 3—Knit-a-long

Yay! We’re on our way…
So, let’s recap…we’ve learned to cast on and knit our first stitches, right?
Now, it’s time to purl and create a sequence of knits and purls! You had a video on Day 2 on How to Purl. If you need to refer back, please do. 
You should have your first 3 rows knitted, easy huh?
The next 8 rows will provide you with the foundation to creating this fabulous modern dishcloth…here we go!

                                       The music is a bit corny, but the technique is spot on! K2, P2.

1st row– K3, *K2, P2* repeat to last 3 sts, K3
You will knit the first 3 sts, then K2 sts, the purl 2 sts. The asterisk means you will repeat ONLY those sts until you reach the last 3 sts. THEN knit the last 3 sts.
2nd row – K3, *K2, P2* repeat to last 3 sts, K3
Exactly the same as the 1st row.
3rd row—Knit all sts
Knit all sts. Keep in mind, your K3 border sts are embedded in this row.
4th row—K3, P32, K3
You will knit the first 3 sts, then purl the next 32, then knit the last 3
5th row—K3, *K2, P2* repeat to last 3 sts, K3
Exactly the same as the 1st and 2nd row.
6th row—K3, *K2, P2* repeat to last 3 sts, K3
Exactly the same as the 1st, 2nd, and 5th row.
7th  row—K3, P32, K3
Exactly the same as the 4th row.
8th  row—Knit all sts
Exactly the same as the 3rd row.
WooHoo! Round 1 complete. 

How’d you do?
I’ve included an “Oops, I dropped a stitch” video for you to use if necessary. Enjoy!

Alright! You are done for the day and it’s time to celebrate. Glass of wine perhaps?
Set your project aside and be pleased with a job well done. Don’t forget to post your pictures to our fabulous Flickr group. I’ll check in this evening to answer any questions and see your lovely work. 
Remember: This doesn’t have to be perfect, just that you know how to do the stitch. Practice makes perfect.
Tomorrow: Full steam ahead on our way to completing the 8 round pattern 6 times, and the first 3 rows just one more time. Promise, it’s NOT hard.


i’m so excited to introduce my very first knit-a-long. most knitters know it as KAL. but for those new to the craft (and, i’m ecstatic to be the one to teach this), we’ll refer to it as a knit-a-long.

i’ll post details starting on tuesday, october 11th, then daily after that, taking the weekend to finish up your dishcloth, with the final posting on that following monday. you can go at your own pace or keep right along with me, your choice.

we’ll even have a flickr group…

did i mention you’ll receive one of my patterns for FREE? yep! FREE! it’s a new, and very popular, pattern.

i’ll take you through everything from why you will benefit from joining this knit-a-long, to going through an 8 row repeat pattern and being successful at it.

so, tell all your friends. it’s FREE! it’s FUN! it’s FRESH! it’s not! frightening.

see you next week!

as i always say,

knit on,
deb 🙂