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What are you passionate about?

I'm sure you've heard the old saying, The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling ~Fabienne Fredrickson Fear and discomfort can paralyze you unless you choose to lean into your passion. When opportunity knocks, you are tempted to answer, right? Opening that door will be scary, will make your palms… Continue reading What are you passionate about?

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What Makes You Happy

              This is quite the profound statement. Kind of intense, yet insightful. I'd like to think that analyzing quotes can give us a place to start, or something to think on. I often sit with my laptop, feet propped on my cute ottoman, in my office. Sometimes, it brings inspiration as… Continue reading What Makes You Happy

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Am I Missing Something?

Hi Knitters!Haven't we often heard that question, whether someone truly didn't understand your intentions or they just missed something. Seriously, there's a way in which it is interpreted.Right?I need to explain to you all what exactly I do, and who exactly my audience is, at this time.I began designing in the year 2008. My focus… Continue reading Am I Missing Something?

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BOOK REVIEW: Warm Days, Cool Knits

When I receive a book to review, I immediately sit down and flip through. My first thought was, well done Corrina! The layout was simple. The sections referenced the four seasons. And, the photography showed off the details of each piece.Author: Corrina FergusonPaperback: Warm Days, Cool KnitsPublisher: Interweave/F+WNumber of pages: 144Retail Price: $24.99This book allows you to… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Warm Days, Cool Knits

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Re-vising, Re-writing, and Re-photographing

Hi Knitters!There comes a time when one must update the earliest of patterns. The styling is all wrong. The format of the pattern looked oddly "off". It was time for a makeover. This pattern was written so long ago, I had forgotten about it. But, after listing all my designs for their much needed re-do, I… Continue reading Re-vising, Re-writing, and Re-photographing

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Change is a good thing — Butterflies do it

Butterflies have such a symbolic meaning, that we all (including me), take for granted.Imagine the "whole of your life changing", the metamorphosis the butterfly goes through. The amount of transformation that happens from the egg, to the caterpillar, to the cocoon. And from the cocoon, the butterfly emerges.Why this lesson on Butterflies? Let me explain...Change… Continue reading Change is a good thing — Butterflies do it

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Ringing in the New Year and Thoughts for 2015

Can you believe it's almost 2015? Well, by the time you read this, it just may be.I'm sitting here working on some business "stuff" as my husband watches a movie. Big partyers, huh? Must be that age thing.Which quickly reminds me, tomorrow is my birthday, yes, New Years Day. 51 years old. I remember growing… Continue reading Ringing in the New Year and Thoughts for 2015

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How I make my "Vanilla Socks"

(Photo is "Opal" Sock yarn.)  Hi Knitters, I have had countless people ask me how I do my easy peasy "vanilla" sock. Now, you ask, what do you mean by vanilla?  Think of vanilla ice cream. Plain, nothing fancy. Just. Plain. It's perfect for those beautiful self-striping yarns.  That's what I mean by vanilla sock.… Continue reading How I make my "Vanilla Socks"

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Knitting For the Season

Don't you love this time of year. It's the season where we begin to dig out our handknits, to include hats. It's the time where the leaves are beginning to fall, the temps are dropping just a bit, and the days are shorter.My latest design is spectacular. Well, I'm told that anyway. I have this… Continue reading Knitting For the Season

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It’s Friday

I'm sure for most, Friday is the day in which things are beginning to slow down. Not for me! I seem to get my mojo going into the weekend. I mean, I just spouted off a list of to-do's to my husband while we were driving home from breakfast. His comment, "Why don't you write… Continue reading It’s Friday