Critique Matters


Today I have been working on a novel that I had abandoned. For what reason, I don’t know. I probably got off on another creative adventure. Shocking, huh!

So, here’s what’s on my mind. I’d like to revisit this novel. I haven’t really fully edited it yet, but, I’d like to take an honest approach to getting it published. I know I have work to do and have reached out to groups for some honest critiques, but I thought I’d give my readers a chance at it first.

Let’s be honest, you would be my audience, right? Or maybe intrigued enough to read through this first page and tell me three things:

~ Does it capture your attention enough to turn the page?

~ Are the characters, this far, likable?

~ Should I trash it and try again?

Please leave comments or feel free to email me at Debbuckingham (at) yahoo (dot) com. I always enjoy hearing from my readers.

Thank you! Write On!


All Lacy Parker wanted was a little breathing room and the only place she could find it was in her bathtub. Even though the bubbles were flat and the water was getting cold, Lacy took this time to reflect on her complicated life, especially the last few months concerning Dawson’s infidelity. The four years they spent married was rocky, some would say . . .  insane.

Dawson was frantically packing for his tour to Iraq; a tour that would hopefully prove more successful on his return.

The letter sat unopened on the kitchen table.  A promise of a new tomorrow felt deep within Lacy’s heart as she heard the front door slam.

“Dawson . . .” Lacy howled louder. “Dawson.” Tears ran down her face leaving track marks through her makeup, only to realize he may not return.

Lacy sank further into her cold water, tears of anger welled up inside. A goodbye would have been nice.

“Hey . . . Lacy,” Dawson’s voice took up the silence, “You here?”

How didn’t he know where she was? Maybe he thought she went outside.

“Yea, Dawson, I’m up here.” Lacy jumped from the tub and wrapped an oversized towel around her thin frame; long blond tendrils lay wet against her shoulders. The knock on the bathroom door indicated Dawson was there.  She opened the door wide enough for him to walk in. Her towel fell to the tile floor as Dawson wrapped his strong tattooed arms around her.

Storytelling, Knitting, and more

Hello Knitters!

I’ve been pondering all week.

What my next project will be. Do I write a story/novel? Do I create an ebook? Maybe a few new patterns. Do I…Oh the things I could do.

I write. I knit. I drink coffee. I drink tea. I love a good book (which you’ll hear about at the end). I love yummy yarns.

So, I decided to put them all together and create a short story and pair it with a few NEW patterns. I’m excited about this short story and I’m sure you will be too. It will be a fast read, yet fulfilling.

I can’t share the details (just yet), though I will tell you it’s set in a small town bookstore.

So, setting notes are complete. I’m working on the details of the rest. Characters are being sketched out. *smiling* I can’t wait to share with you.

I mentioned I read a great book recently. It’s called The Storied Life Of A.J. Fickry. I have been searching for that one book that could take me away for hours. After many failed attempts, I found it.

It was the one book that inspired my thoughts. In a small way, but in a way no less.

Click the link and head over to Amazon to read the details. It’s about a small town bookseller and his life. It has humor, romance, a touch of suspense. Friendships lost. New ones begin. Second chances at love. Book lovers will love this book.

So, my friends, stay close to this blog as I will be giving bits and pieces of my current WIP–short story meets knitting patterns.

Knit On!

Need a new pattern?

All that Yumminess…

Good afternoon, peeps!

It’s been a busy couple months. Can you believe it’s (almost) March? Me neither…

This week has flown by. With the holiday being Monday, it gave (most) an extra day to their weekend. I don’t consider myself in the “all” category, because when you’re self employed you can decide if you want a 3 day weekend every week. The joys of being your own boss.

I have some new ideas brewing. The first being my own rendition of a podcast/videocast. I’m going to call mine a blogcast. Love it? I do too…

Writing is so natural for me, the reason I decided to have you reading my affairs, and devouring the millions of pictures I’ll post pertaining to the blogcast, and allowing me to enable you with the yumminess I purchase, rather than me going on and on. I mean, who wants to hear me talk, definitely not me. 

But, I guarantee, it will be fun! That way, you can pour your cup of coffee or your favorite beverage, and sit down in front of your computer or ipad and read away. The posts will be weekly and you’ll be able to visit my Ravelry Group, and join if you haven’t, to get in on the giveaways and conversations pertaining to them.

I’m excited! I hope my blog will become something you’ll add to your list of “I need to check in and see what’s up” blogs. It will be diva style of course, and will include, but not limited to, the following:

~Life is Good!
~Diva Enables
~Book Reviews
~Shameless Self Promoting
~My favorite free pattern of the week (and we know there are millions)

Did I mention the tons of pics I’ll post? This will be fun times!
The second thing I’ve been working on are book reviews with Interweave. They have been so generous in providing me copies of their newly released books. I have 2 (currently) coming up. 

What else?!

I’ve been, thirdly, crocheting some dishcloths. Lots of them. I discovered this pattern that I truly love. It’s simple, yet brilliant. I’ll be sharing that on my first blogcast. I have the finished ones for sale in my Etsy shop if you’re so inclined to take a peek at. 

And finally, I’m working on new designs that include afghans, baby blankets, table runners, etc…is there anything in particular you’d like to see? Have you been on the search for a pattern that you just can’t seem to find? Let me know…

Stay tuned for the announcement of my first ever blogcast. *smiling* I’m SO Super Stoked about it!

So, as I always say,

Knit On!