About Deb



Hi, friend! I’m Deb, and I’m so thrilled that you popped over to my blog! Inspiring a Creative Life began in October of 2015 when, shortly after discovering I had grown out of my Knit On Designs blog, I decided that change was good. Renaming the blog has always been in the cards, and of more recent thinking, it was going to be a website, but, well…that was way too much to bite off. I was searching for another way to inspire you, and a place to keep up my writing skills. The perfect place was this blog, where I had been keeping up my writing off and on. It just needed a new name. 

A little bit about me: I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls, a grandma to Jasmine and Asher, a wife to a wonderfully supportive husband, a sister, a daughter, a friend to many, and a women with a vision. Life is precious and living it to the fullest is what I strive for most days. I’m a dreamer, a goal setter, a business woman, and a woman on a mission at all times.

Jenn & Jas

My beautiful daughter, Jennifer, and her sweet adorable girl, Jasmine

Christine, Adam & Asher

My beautiful daughter, Christine, and her sweet man, Adam with adorable baby Asher.


My super sweet, supportive, keeps me in-check and on track man, Dale. Without him, I would run a-muck. He helps me think through ideas. I call him my idea man. I love him to the moon and back.

With that said, I’m a real person with real ideas. A woman who has a passion for her career as a writer, author, and knitter/knitting designer. I love to quilt. I’m learning to color outside the lines and think in different directions. I enjoy a walk outside among nature, camera slung over my shoulder, capturing what life has to show me. You can also find me nestled in my favorite chair, in front of my favorite design show either writing or knitting.

When I’m not nesting, I’m down in my studio working on my next favorite quilt, or sewing up a project bag, playing with yarn or pens, drawing my next flower creation. I’m a serious craft-preneur. You will see lots of fun stuff on this blog. Did I mention I have an online Stitching shop with my daughter? Oh, all the things. You will HAVE to come visit. Link under SHOP.

Thanks for visiting.

As I always say,

Knit On (Write On, Quilt On, Color On, Sew On, Stitch On)!


2 thoughts on “About Deb

  1. Marina Fedrid says:


    I am a Special Education teacher in Brighton, Colorado. I would love to know if you ever come to speak to students/teachers/parents in regards to writing?

    If you could please get back to me on this, I would so sincerely appreciate it.


    Marina Fedrid

  2. theresa meoni says:

    help I have spring 2015 love of knitting magazine with your pattern boysenberry bloom hat my dog ate the corner telling me howmany stitches to cast on please help

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