AH-HA Moment

Those of us that are designers, know there is a difference between knitting flat and knitting in the round, right? Have you ever wanted to, but the instructions given were so lengthy you thought, oh…forget it.

Well, I had an ah-ha moment this morning. (It may not be new to you, but if it is…) I do know how to convert the WS rows to make them work in the round, but I have to be honest, when I was first learning the “trick”, it was very confusing.

What I did was take my trusty notepad, my pen and charted out one repeat of the flat pattern. 

Like this.

Scribbles are good! 

You see my knits and purls? What I did was scribble the flat pattern. With the RS rows on the right and WS rows on the left. That’s what happens when we’re knitting flat.

To convert, I put the WS (there are no WS rows in working in the round) rows on the right in parenthesis. Because working in the round, we are ALWAYS on the RS right, right? So you read the pattern from the right to left, right to left, right to left. Get it?

I’ve written it out for you to work in the round, as an example. 

This ah-ha moment will have me out buying graph paper. No more sitting for hours trying to convert that fantastic pattern that is worked flat into working in the round.

If it’s already been done, don’t tell me. I want to feel like the genius designer this morning. *smiling*

Clear as mud? Or clear as a bright sunny day? I hope for the latter…

So, as I always say,

Knit On!

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