Book Review: Vintage Quilt Revival

With the help of Interweave, I’m thrilled to do (yet) another book review for you.

Are you a quilter? I am. I believe that most knitters are also quilters, well, in my circle of friends, anyway…

Paperback: Vintage Quilt Revival: 22 Modern Designs from Classic Blocks
Publisher: Interweave (2013)
Language: English
Authors: Katie Clark Blakesley ~ Lee Heinrich ~ Faith Jones

It sells for $27.99 US

That’s a steal. For all those projects, tutorials, quilt blocks, and inspiration, why wouldn’t you buy this? 

I truly believe the cover of the book can make or break your decision to pick it up/buy it. Am I right? 

Look at it!

This cover draws you in immediately. In fact, if you could crawl under the beautiful quilt and read a good book, or knit, you would be one happy camper. I know I would. 

These three ladies joined forces in the summer of 2011, and hosted a series of tutorials based on vintage quilt blogs on their blogs. I linked above to each of their names, and will definitely bookmark each of their blogs. They all seemed to have a family heritage of quilting. They each searched for inspiration in new and different places and were drawn to heritage quilts–quilts of the past. 

They talk in the introduction about themselves, the path and where it led them.

I caught up with Faith on Facebook and here’s a bit of advice she gave:

 “My advice would be – when paper piecing blocks (which is the piecing method of a lot of the blocks and projects in this book), be sure to always print out your templates at 100% or “Actual Size”, and always make a sample block first to make sure you are comfortable with the amount of fabric for piecing. Some people might be comfortable with smaller cuts, some people might be comfortable with larger. It’s a very personal preference.

Also, something fun with the book….Several of the projects use 12″ finished squares. You could easily take a project and swap in a different 12″ finished block to change up the project.

Finally You can keep up with book related information at

You will find step-by-step instructions for making a mini quilt, full-size quilt, table runner, baby quilt, wall quilt, and more, all with twenty classic traditional quilt blocks that are fresh and modern in style. 

These ladies outline the tools and techniques used in this book. 

Then, they take us through the patterns/projects: New Settings, New Color Approaches, Re-Imagined Blocks, and Sampler Quilts. A CD is included in the back with 12 printable template patterns. SCORE!

I then caught up with Lee on Facebook, and here’s what she had to say:
“This is book is great not only for people who want patterns to follow, but also for quilters looking for a book that will help inspire them to create their own designs. We’ve tried to give readers all the tools they need to put their own modern, unique spin on any traditional block. We hope you’ll come away from this book feeling like the possibilities are endless!”

And finally, I caught up with Katie on Facebook, and she had some fun information to share as well:
“One of my favorite things about Vintage Quilt Revival is that each chapter includes a history note. We enjoyed researching many aspects of vintage quilts– from pattern companies of the early 1900s to vintage feedsacks and many things in between.  I think connecting with the past, beyond just historic quilt patterns, is valuable for today’s quilters.

I just started a new series on my blog called “Grandmother’s Quilts: A Vintage Quilt Series.” I hope to feature vintage quilts from all over, including family heirlooms, quilts purchased at flea markets, great quilts and quilts with great stories. If you have one you would like to share, I hope you contact me at swimbikequilt at gmail dot com.”

Though I’m a knitter first, I couldn’t help but be excited about this book. Quilting falls a close second for me. I have SO many favorites in this book. I took some pictures of the pages so you could get a sneak peek. I dare not ear mark, so I’ve put in sticky notes to mark these fantastic projects:

Make The New World Pouch

Twinkle Mini Quilt

Double Dutch Table Runner

Spiced Chai Quilt


Sorbet Mini Quilt

As you can see, I’m clearly in trouble. No, not by anybody but me. Yes, I have things that need to get done, work related, but there’s always time for some quilting.

I’ve been a fabric-a-holic of modern fabrics for quite some time now. The colors and designs. The combinations of colors. All of this inspires my own knitting designs. I have a secret fantasy…to create my own line of modern fabrics. Shh…

So, I totally recommend this book. I mean, I seriously do! It’s full of great photography, fun and informative projects, along with a variety of quilt blocks. Go check it out. Order it online at Interweave.  You won’t be disappointed.

So, as I always say,

Knit On! (Or in this case, Quilt On!)



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