Ready for NaNoWriMo?


It’s two days away…yes, 2!

You know that internal editor that always slows us down, sits on our shoulder and says, “No, you need to go back to the last chapter and re-read it”?

Well, I’ve decided that I am turning OFF my internal editor for the duration of November. What I wrote yesterday doesn’t exist. What I wrote last week doesn’t exist. This will be fun! A way to train my brain that words are what matter, my story may or may not move along like I want it to, and I have the drive to complete all 50,000 words.

A chapter a day consisting of (at least) 1667 words will be written. That gives my novel a total of 30 chapters. A total of 50,000 + words.

Coffee is my friend. That will be a good thing…

Are you with me?

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