WIP & Other (Great) Stuff

Ever have the desire to write the next greatest American novel? I have. Ever have the desire to be the next greatest all-known designer? I have. Ever have the desire to be good at everything you try?

No, not me.

There are things I have no desire to try, let alone be great at. I love to knit. I love to write. I love to chat with my fans. I love to try new ways to make icord. That is what makes up ME.

Icord made with the icord maker

How about you? What are you great at? What do you strive to be great at? Maybe greatness isn’t what you’re striving for. Hey, that’s OK! Just be you. And enjoy what you do to its fullest.

I remember way back when, I came home from the best job ever asking my husband if he cared that I hang up my hat.

A Hospice Nurse. The one that listened to all the memories her patients and families cared to share. The one who cleaned up spilled everything(s). The one who loved her patients unconditionally. Death is something we will all experience one day; some just a bit sooner.

This led me in the direction of writing, then knitting, then designing, and then to creating the most fabulous book(s) ever. I love my job. I love life to its fullest.

What drives your passion?

Mine is driven by countless visits to blogs, bookstores, and yarn shops. It’s a way for me to become connected to the things that drive my passion, thoughts and new ideas.

Which brings me to my current WIP. A sweater. A cardigan. A Drapey Cardigan put out by Lion Brand Yarns. I’m making it with their newest acrylic addition (I almost typed addiction-Ha!) Heartland. This pattern is simple, easy to understand and well written. I have to confess…it’s my first sweater. I’ve just never knit one. Not that I couldn’t, just that I didn’t.

Until now. And I’m loving it!

What’s on your needles? Your current WIP? I’d love to “hear”.

So, as I always say,

Knit On (and On!)


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