Diva Knits On, or should we say, Crochets On!

Yes, you got it right…I am crocheting. It’s a skill I learned way-back-when I wanted to play with yarn. In fact, it was before I began to knit. I crocheted myself a blanket. It’s now seemingly coming apart one fringe at a time. But, it still is fabulous.

Pictured above, it lays on my couch, matching decor perfectly. It’s warm, chocolate brown and soft fibers makes if for a snugly, in front of the tv, kind of blanket. Crocheted, using a single crochet only (because at that time, it’s the only stitch I felt comfortable with), I have since ventured out. Oh. My. Gosh. The things I can do. The places it takes me. It’s another skill added to my creative portfolio.

Crocheting is a skill I’ve always been curious about, whether in a magazine, book, or stalking websites and designers. It’s been overwhelming at times, because the things I want to crochet kind of look knit-look-like to me. That’s an obvious choice, huh? So, the building of my designers library begins. Books that will provide inspiration and stitch patterns that I can use for my designs. I couldn’t be more excited. This is the first book in my never-ending library of stitch dictionaries for crochet stitch patterns. 

I’m excited to show you what I’ve really been up to crochet-wise. 

Amigurumi animals. 

Ami means crocheted or knitted, nuigurumi means stuffed doll (or animal). They are usually crocheted out of yarn. They can also be knit. A typical amigurumi animal has an over-sized spherical head, and under-sized extremities. These cute creatures may be used for children’s toys, but usually are purchased for aesthetic purposes. I plan on embellishing my office with these cuter-than-ever animals.

Amigurumi animals are usually worked in parts and joined together. A technique I’m thrilled to have mastered.  Some animals have no limbs. Head and torso are usually worked in two separate pieces.

Totally makes sense to me. They are so cute! They have such a personality. I know what you’re thinking, Deb’s lost it! Maybe, but I am addicted.





What do you think? Care to join me in making one of these guys? You see I’ve even given them names. 

I’m a self-taught knitter, so why not be a self-taught crocheter, right? I learned from Stacey Trock on Craftsy. Her Amigurumi Woodland Animals class was informative and she is amazing in her teaching. I needed to learn how to go around and around, yet, know where I needed to stop and begin a new round again. Done!

So, as I always say,

Knit On! Or in THIS case, Crochet On!


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