Breathing again…

What’s that about? I’m sure you’re asking yourself.

Well, my book, Dishcloth Diva, is finally available. You know, I’ve dreamed of this day for, I can’t tell you how long.

My sister, Michele, is so cute in that she thinks I’m a celebrity. Made my heart smile yesterday. She was going to a knitting group that she’s never been to before. She text me and said, “I’m going to bring my ipad so I can show them my famous sister’s book, I have my cup sleeve you made–I’ll put that around the coffee I buy, I have the fingerless mitts you made me, of course I’ll have those on.”

I love her.

The support I’ve received has been breathtaking. From everyone. A sure sign I’ve accomplished something to be proud of. (other than raising two girls and training one man) I say this with a smile on my face, because the one man would agree.

I’d like to personally thank my knitsters for all the support they’ve given me, from coming up with marketing ideas, to how my next booksigning should look. (bowing to you all)

So, as I always say,

Knit On! (and go buy my book) You won’t be disappointed. I promise!


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