10 Reasons Why I Knit

Isn’t it fun to figure out 10 reasons (funny or not) why you do what you do? I’ll list mine, then I’d love to read your #1 reason…let’s go!

Top 10 reasons why I knit:
10 –  gives me permission to shop for yarn (and buy it).
  9 – puts my mind in a relaxed state so all I think about are my kids issues. *sigh*
  8 – leaves my husband guessing who “this” is for.
  7 – helps me avoid housework (like I do it anyway) 🙂
  6 – if I knit too close to dinner, soon enough it’s too late to make something, ’cause chances are I don’t have  everything, and we HAVE to go out.
  5 – i have too much yarn.
  4 – so I know what everyone is getting for Christmas.
  3 – to keep me from being bored in the car as my husband drives me out of town to “just get away.”
  2 – so when my children are asked what does your mom do? They can stare blankly back and answer, “umm…she knits.”
  And the #1 reason I knit is – to allow myself “me-time.” A chance to keep myself from unraveling, and reason to do what I love, be a designer and offer knitted accessories and delicious patterns for others to devour.
Stay tuned every Tuesday where I share top ten reasons for all things fiber.
As I always say,
Knit on!

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