Knitting, Writing, or Lurking

Hanging out at Barnes ‘n Noble can often be an experience.

I’m sitting at a corner table researching ideas for workshop proposals (I have been asked to speak at a writers conference on non-fiction–squee!), when I pause long enough to listen to the writers’ group next to me. They are resiting words formed from a simple prompt given.

The inflection in some of their tones is entertaining. I bow my head down toward my computer and pretend to write. The smile on my face could mean anything–well, I am writing, right?

My knitting sits waiting in the bag at my feet. I could knit. That would definitely be a way for me to listen and not really pretend anything. 

I listen.

I write.

I (don’t) knit. That can wait ’till later.

So, as I always say,

Knit On! (or in this case, lurk, write, then knit)


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