Writing gets me swirling…

Good Morning!

My mind is swirling with new ideas…the life of a writer, right? Writing is a skill that came from many angles of my life: I taught myself through books and workshops, had guidance by those that have “made it” in the writing world, and found much inspiration through life.

Who knew that sitting in a coffee shop, while knitting, could be so productive. Yes, I work! Yes, I create! (Almost) every day…

One project that never seems to go away is Beyond the Rhinestones: High-maintenance Shelby McCarthy is over the edge with her spending habits and her self-important attitude. She’s faced with the challenge of her most daunting task: getting rid of her busybody, flirtatious neighbor Sabrina, who’s making the moves on her husband, or so she imagines. Can she turn Sabrina into a trusted friend?

She also faces challenges as a volunteer photographer with MADD as her family increases by a long-lost sister.

So much more happens throughout this book to grab the reader, you.

My goal is to get it in tip-top shape before the conference in April. Here I go…wish me luck (fingers crossed).

So, as I always say,

Write On!


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