Lessons learned from Life experiences

I’m writing today. Yes, the fact that i’m writing feels so good. It’s been way too long since i’ve visited this side of my brain.

Having right brain task to do, like knitting, keeps me from writing. I do know writing to be a right brained activity, but it take a large chunk of the left side to get things organized, and on “paper.”

My children’s book is the focus right now. I need to complete it, as to check it off my list.

In researching for “Mr. Cooper,” I’ve found many sites on learning life lessons from such things as gardening.

I know, right?

“Seeing a seed grow into a tree is just as awesome as creation to birth and then growth of a child. Growing plants from seeds is very rewarding. Over time, kids learn to really appreciate their plants and value the life in them. Gardening could help mirror how life should be treated — with tender loving care.”

So true, don’t you think?

“By simply weeding the garden, the kids may learn how bad associations (friends and situations) can and should be avoided to live life more smoothly. Kids begin to see the need to purposefully let go negative influences to allow in those that can be more favorable.”

Seems reasonable to me.

“Help your kids to visualize the layout and allow them to help decide which type of garden to plant. Some kids like flowers and some would rather grow something more edible. This brings in the planning and preparation lessons that can lead to more orderly results in life.”

I’m thinkin’ that’s definitely true.

As i continue to use the left portion of my brain, i’m finding that gardening, can definitely lead to life lessons in your children.

Who’s up for a bit of gardening?     

So, as i always say,

Write on,




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