Day 4—Knit-a-long

You’ve gotten pretty far on your dishcloth.  How do you feel about it so far? Problems? Don’t forget to post them here or on our flickr page. I’m here to help, as well as those more experienced knitters in the group, they’ll chime in too.
Okay, Let’ move on. Full Steam ahead, as I say.
Recap: √Cast On 38 sts. √Knit 3 rows. √Complete 1st 8 rows of pattern.
Today, and for the next few days, I’m going to ask that you complete those 8 rounds 5 more times, for a total of 6. THEN complete rows 1-3 ONE more time. 
Are you using a checking off system?
            *numbering a piece of paper 1-8 and putting a mark by the row complete
            *using your row counter, then keeping track of how many rounds you do
Whichever way works best, is the method for you. Or maybe you’ve created your own. 
I’ve included a video by one of my favorite people (I know, everyone’s my favorite). Just plain fun to listen to. Enjoy!

I will post the final day’s events over the weekend, so when you’re ready, you can finish up.
Next: Knitting last 3 rows, Binding off, weaving in all your ends.

2 thoughts on “Day 4—Knit-a-long

  1. Deb says:

    You are too funny! I can purl all day too, but you HAVE to add the knit stich…I'll help you on Monday, if you come up to Barnes & Noble. I PROMISE I'll be there…

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