tuesday therapy

not in the therapy sense, in the girls-who-knit-and-need-to-talk kind of therapy.

one friend starts talking and doesn’t quit. that’s ok, we tell her, as we continue to knit our chosen projects. another talks of the cheese block, once known as the big yellow school bus. laughter filled the air as she explained a first day of school scenario. one talked of her new job as a mentor for troubled teens, and one talked of her chosen style of knitting while we all continued to knit.

i love these girls. they make my week. the fact that i can’t seem to kick start the engine in the mornings to be there by 10 (most time arriving about 1/2 hour late), i’m always glad i did. 

i brought along a cup cozy to knit, and yes…finished it.

i’ll have to have them smile for the camera one day, if we can stop long enough to take the picture.

do you have a knitting group you love to go to? if not, i’d suggest searching for one. you’ll be so glad you did.

so, as i always say,

knit on!


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