just another day…

what a long day, and it’s not even dinner time yet.

picking up boxes, going to department of revenue to file for a sales tax license (only to find mr. tax man wasn’t in today), a must-stop at a yarn shop that is going out of business to pick up some (yes), much needed yarn, a quick stop through starbucks to re-energize, and a car fill-up to replenish the gas…

are you staying with me? 

a quick stop to pick up (yet) more boxes. did i mention my daughter’s moving? no? she is.

so, tonight more packing after we enjoy our delicious crockpot chicken/rice dinner. 

can’t wait to drop into my favorite chair later this evening and finish a much neglected eyeglass sock.

sorry…forgot to ask, how’s your day?    

thanks for hanging with me while i vent…the life of a home-based-yarn-business-mother-wife…well, you get it.

as i always say,

knit on,

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