Here We Go…

If you don’t know already, I knit, and I knit a lot! I knit so much that I now create new designs. My specialty? Dishcloths. I (currently) have 24 designs.

 My project is a book consisting of dishcloth patterns & purls of wisdom to keep the stick clickin’.

This is where you come in…

For every one that submits a purl of wisdom to me on this blog, and your “wisdom” is used, I will give you a dishcloth pattern for FREE. We all like free, right?

So, what’s your “purl of wisdom” ? What advice would you give to a new knitter; someone who’s sticks aren’t yet tarnished.

2 thoughts on “Here We Go…

  1. Jenni says:

    Be prepared to rip out some of your work. It can be frustrating yes. Heartbreaking too. But it can be one of those things that is suddenly needed at some random point in your work. Be prepared to do it, dust yourself off, pick up your project again and get back to work with a smile. You'll be glad you did it once the piece is finished 🙂

    PS Have put a hold on your book at my local library Deb. If it doesn't hurry up and arrive soon though I may just have to go buy myself a copy!! (I'm sooo impatient!!) Btw, I'm just in the middle of knitting my first ever dishcloth! Love how it's such a quick, easy and satisfying project for this beginner knitter. Well done on the book Deb!

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