Creative Energy Bust

the days are getting hotter, the nights are staying cooler…a reason to stay in or visit my favorite coffee shop and get rid of some of my creative energy by knitting and designing new patterns.

what to do with it all, i mean the creative energy?

gosh, I find myself flitting from one project to another. with a wedding approaching, i must complete that can’t-wait-to-give gift. with my followers of deb buckingham designs, i must complete (and post) another dishcloth pattern. with my etsy store “shoppers” looking for that next fabulous dishcloth set, I must create (yet) another summery set that will leave their mouth watering. and with knitpicks asking for more of my designs, i am putting the pdf’s and pictures together so they can list my set on their site.

So, why on earth am I on the internet? Procrastinating, of course…

How about you? what creative energy do you have and how do you use it?

as i always say, knit on!


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