Addictions Gone Crazy

i have been crazy busy designing a new line of dishcloths. i’m addicted!

i don’t know if you’ve ever experienced (i’m sure you have) a huge addiction. kinda like coffee where you try to switch to green tea, but you find yourself in line at the nearest starbucks getting your fix. I get that! Or you tell yourself (if you’re a fiber-a-holic), that you won’t spend any money on yarn this week, but when you drive by (you know you can’t help yourself) your favorite yarn shop, your car just knows the way in, and you walk out with a bag full of yarn you have no idea what you’ll use it for.

life is full of addictions…chocolate and coffee are pretty predictable. how about the good addictions: spending time your your favorite man, eating up all the necessary time with your grandkids, carving time out of your kids schedule to get a quick lunch in because you haven’t seen him/her in weeks, reading on your new nook, playing with the new skein of yarn that you had to have, buying more yarn online just because.
yes, these are some of my addictions.
what are some of yours? i’d love to hear.
So, as I always say,
Knit On!

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