Children’s Writing

How many of us authors struggle day-to-day with how the chapter will end, what character will be introduced, how the scene with play out, or just plain can I write today? (my hand went up)

For me, it’s about just sitting down to write, knowing where the chapter is heading (not the entire book), and listening to my characters. I know, it sounds weird to those who don’t write, but it’s true.

My current WIP is told through the perspecitve of Sadie Rae, whose curiosity leads her to discover another world in Mr. Cooper’s backyard, and maybe gain a little bit of insight into who Mr. Cooper really is. He’s an odd old man that the children find scary because he keeps to himself.

I love to find myself lost in their world and help my reader understand just where they are in their world. It’s about creating a in my head and letting the words flow to the page. I’m not about plotting the story first, I love to see what my characters “want” to do, then let that happen.

Hang with me, children’s writing is my passion. I have ideas flowing everyday for another book, but for now, I’ll concentrate on Mr. Cooper.

So, as I always say,

Write On!


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