Flabby Writing

I had never thought of my writing as flabby till I attended a workshop last night with Linda Berry, author. She pointed out that useless words only make for sloppy writing. Linda suggested we choose our words carefully, as an author, and be suspicious of phrases that come easily.

I’m guilty of this type of writing. I write fast to keep up with the ever-so-loud voice in my head generating the words to put on the page. So, having a focus as to what you’ll say is often the key. Plotting can be one way of eliminating this.

With that said, plotting is new for me. My last completed novel was written with no thought, some would say “puked out.” I can only imagine how flabby that writing is. Linda says, “Good writing is writing that gets its job done, whether the job is to inform, entertain, or convince.” Okay, I get that . . . now.

So next time you’re ready to construct your next novel, magazine article, or maybe even a love letter, “consider your purpose and your audience,” Linda says.

So, till next time,

Write On!


One thought on “Flabby Writing

  1. kayelynnebooth says:

    I recently had a similar revelation, when a publisher requested that I do a rewrite on what I thought was a perfect story. She said that the writing needed to be tightened up a bit. I said, “Huh?” After going through and cutting out over 1000 words, I reread what I had and realized that I may have acrually improved on my percieved perfaction and had a better story to show for it,

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