Not just for Kitchens anymore…

I’ve recently discovered that dishcloths are used for more than just kitchens…
* Wash the car – it’s cotton fibers make it soft, therefore, not to scratch your finish. The customer that purchased these had every intention of using them in her kitchen, when she discovered one missing. Her boyfriend had taken one to wash his BMW and won’t return it. He says it soft and perfect for his black finish.

* Shower – the “bumpies” as they are referred to are more like a scrubby – great for exfoliating. My customer says she won’t use anything else.

* Face Cloth – because of the cotton, it provides a soft surface to clean the makeup off with and once again, slough off dead skin cells with the “bumpies”

* Dusting – Yes, dusting…an absorbent, but soft cloth that will not harm your surface. You then throw it in the wash and use it again.

* Gift Basket – Put into a gift basket for added flavor to your recipient. A starter to a kitchen type of theme, bathroom theme, car wash theme, spa theme…

Can you think of another use for these dishcloths? I’d love to hear it. Or perhaps your testimony…

So, as I always say, Knit On!


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