Summertime Citrus Fun

you know, summer is about bright colors, it’s about homemade lemonade, limes in your diet coke, and orange slices floating in your water.

the many flavors of summer is so inviting; you can smell, taste, feel, see, and hear them. hear them you might ask? yes. you can hear the juices spray on your cutting board, you can hear your knife cutting deep into the meat of the fruit. you can smell the scent of fresh lemons, citrus-y limes, and sweet oranges while you cut them. you can see the vibrant colors lying in your basket. as for the taste? well, i don’t have to tell you, but i will…they are sweet, tart, cold, citrus-y, juicy, and the taste lingers in your mouth, making it water for more.
why you ask, do i mention this? i’ve created a set of 3 dishcloths perfect for summer. a set that includes a lemon yellow, lime, and an orange color. these are 100% cotton and can be used and abused. wash in cold water the first time to keep the color vibrant, then regular washing after that. where can you purchase these? why, let me tell you… the only place for hand-knitted dishcloths. more colors to follow, so stop by often.

so, as i always say,

knit on,


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