Fueling the Passion

got your attention? yea, well…not that, my friend. get your mind out of the gutter…it’s the passion within your heart to create that one thing that so desperately needs out; the craft that drives your everyday passion.

for me? it’s knitting. a craft i find useful in my everyday saneness. it fuels my creativity and allows for deeper inspiration in my craft(s). it keeps my mind wondering through the cobwebs (at time) to help fuel my creativity. it also keeps my mind wondering through the analytical part where i think i should be dusting or cleaning floors, but instead, i keep on knitting. i knit through the phone ringing–though i do break to pick it up. i knit through the text message that so desperately needs a response–though i do look to see who it is first. creativity is what i love to engage my mind with.
i create hand-knitted dishcloths, hats for all ages, and unbelievable lace scarves.

my hope is that you, my supportive customer/friend, gain knowledge from my posts as i share ideas, thoughts, and other fun stuff. of course, at any time feel free to pop over to my etsy shop and check out the latest and greatest. because, as you know, knitting is my passion, and it’s fueled daily by my creativity.

may i ask what your passion is? i’d love to hear…

so, as i always say,

knit on,


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