Rockies Fan!

“Go Rockies” is what I hear on a consistent basis from my granddaughter. She’s only (almost) 3, and has a love for baseball. I’ll surely be putting this beanie on her head the next time she enters the Rockies stadium.
This beanie is fun, stylish and trendy. What kid wouldn’t want to their head adorned with something they love; baseball.

It’s 7″ from top to bottom and stretches to fit any sized head up to 22″ around. Just about anyone young-not-so-young can wear this.

This beanie was inspired because of Jasmine’s love of the sport. But even if you don’t have a love for the sport, you must love the color combination. It’s made with 100% Merino wool. Oh So Warm!

I love to knit beanies of any kind. The creativity flows when my needles are flying.

The cold weather sparks an interest in these little skullcaps, as one kid called it.

So visit my Etsy store, the link is off to the side, and check out all the beanies I have on display. If you have a favorite set of colors, email me or respond to my post here and I’d be more than happy to make on just for you.

So as I always say, Knit on!


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