From my Loft window

Status: Sipping a diet coke, listening to Jazz music in the background, and watching the snow twirl around in circles outside.

“The weather outside is frightful,” to quote a much-loved Christmas song. It reminds me of days gone by, when I lived in Michigan. The winters were dreadful; much snow, blowing, and ccccold temperatures. This is what Colorado is like today.

The mountains are now in my perv u after 3 days of (much needed) snow. I’d like to think it’s stopped, but by the looks of it . . . I’m not so sure.

Status: Taking a minute to entertain the idea that the beds needs to be re-made due to a recent bout with the washing machine.

It also reminds me that Christmas is here. It really didn’t take much time to get here, as I have felt the year went by quicker than normal. Presents are bought but not wrapped, and the gift cards for the nieces and nephews are signed but not sent. These items will be taken care of within the next week or so. How about you? Shopping done? Presents wrapped? Don’t forget your trash man, mailman, and UPS man. They too service us through the year with not much recognition. (note to self — take care of trash man, mailman, and UPS man)

The writing that takes place in my loft today feels good. Much needed time with Shelby is something that can’t be put off. She’s talking loud and clear, even through all the blowing that’s going on outside my window. She’s being naughty, but somewhat nice. I’m excited to see where this story leads me (us) as we spend some more time in Vegas, baby.

Status: The click of the dryer signals it’s time to re-make the bed.

So I encourage you to stay warm. I’m sure you’re on the radar for some of this white, fluffy stuff. It’s headin’ your way, Mr. Weather Dude says.

As I always say,

Write On!


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