Sam Speaks Out

I can’t believe it…she, meaning the ever so fabulous author, has finished my story. Did I mention I’m Sam? Sam Donaldson, the ever so popular main character in Grandma’s Attic.

Yes, it’s a real attic, the place where . . . well, there was a ghost. The kids at school teased me about it, but my friends Jakob, Hannah, and little Beanie helped me with that little issue. My mom grew up in that house. Did I mention I’m in 8th grade?

It’s a long story, well my story anyway, but the author turned it into a children’s chapter book. You will love it. You get to meet me, Sam. Picture this . . . long red pigtails. Braids? You guessed it. Freckles? You guessed it again.

My looks have nothing to do with how smart I am. I was forced to grow up fast because, well, you’ll just have to read the book.

The author is working on the edits now so by January she can find us an agent. We need to be represented so we can get the best deal, or so she tells me. I want to be on the front table in the bookstore. I’m sure she does to, for the simple reason, she wrote it.

So, as she, she being the author, always says,

Write On! (or read on as a 13-year-old says)


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