Cotton Candy

. . . is the name given to my Chunky is Better scarf. Yes, it’s done. You can check it out in my Etsy on-line store. In case you forgot, the address is

I loved working with the chunky yarn. The way it created the chunky color striping was amazing. I think I’ll be making this scarf in a variety of colors for a variety of sizes to include children-adults. The only difference will be the length. This one ended up to be 57 inches.

Don’t you love the name, Cotton Candy. Wait till you see it, you’ll know exactly where the name came from. Soft pinks and purples makes this almost edible. I said almost, so don’t try this at home. I promise it won’t taste like cotton candy, only look like it.

Close you eyes . . . no peeking. Now imagine sitting in the stands at your favorite baseball or hockey game, you hear the man yelling “candy, candy heerree”, his voice trails up at the end. You wave your arm for him to see and he runs over with his balloon-like contraption filled with different colors of cotton candy. You choose the multi-colored one; pinks and purples.

Okay, you can open your eyes. That is exactly what this scarf looks like. Can’t you just taste it?

Stop back again, I’ll be knitting something else soon. Actually, I am!

So as I always say,

Knit On!


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