Sam I Am

The perfect name for the perfect little 13-year-old girl. Sam is the main character in my middle grade novel, titled Grandma’s Attic.

I know what you were thinking when you read the heading Sam I Am, You thought I was talking about the Dr. Suess book, huh?

What do you  think of when you hear Sam? Probably the same thing I did; red hair, pony tail, slight freckles on the nose and loves to wear overalls. She’s not all tom-boy because her pink tennis shoes are donned with sparkly pink shoe laces.

Sam lives in my mind most days. She’s great about feeding me my next paragraph, or at least an idea. When Sam doesn’t talk, (seriously) I can’t write. The main reason I’ve decided to update the blog at this very moment.

Sam’s friends–Hannah, Jakob and Beanie all help to solve the mystery that lies in the old house at the end of the block. I won’t divulge too much as I haven’t completed the novel yet, but you’ll be the first to know when I do.

My target date for completion is October 31. A new novel will begin November 1.

I hope you’ll check back often and post your comment, because that’s how I know you’ve been here.

As I always say,

Write On!


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