Gosh, has it really been a month since I’ve posted anything? Sorry to all my fans . . . I’ll be better, I promise.

Okay, now for the excuses:

1) August just flew by

2) I went to Seattle for a week

3) Spent some time in Denver with hubby–even if it was only for the weekend

4) Babysitting our granddaughter, Jasmine

5) Sending query letters to potential agents

6) Working on my new novel

7) My mom called from Michigan

8) My dog ate it–oh, I don’t have a dog!

9) My knitting friends kept making me knit projects

10) And last but not least, I have many knitting projects to complete; I knit all day

Did it work? No? Okay . . .

You know, this was just about how life gets in the way of about anything we attempt to do that’s important to us. We are all famous for excuses; the reasons we feel we can’t get the things done that we want to.

Writing this blog is important to me and my readers, it keeps us connected. I so appreciate you, as my reader, and know that when my book finally reaches the Barnes & Noble front table, that you’ll be right there sweeping it into your arms and running to the check out with credit card in hand.I’m getting closer to an agent, closer than I’ve ever been before.

So, keep checking back, I APPRECIATE YOU!

One thought on “Excuses

  1. Kimberly says:

    Lots of fun and interesting things, many of which I’d rather be doing some times instead of blogging. I get sucked into blogging some times and forget to balance it with other activities that I equally love! I love knitting and crocheting; they are so therapeutic!

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