A Helping Hand

For those of you that know me, or those that follow my blog know that I love knitting and I love photography. They both work to build my self-confidence, and my self-esteem after completing the most difficult of lace scarves or capturing the perfect image.

My friends see these things as gifts. I really never thought of them as that, but yes…they are gifts.

Recently, after spending an hour with my hair stylists, she announces, “I’ve been asked to do  a wedding in September.” I replied that I was excited for her new gig. She then began telling me the problems she was having with her camera. We made a date. That following Monday we met downtown and proceeded to walk the streets, cameras slung around our necks looking for the perfect shot. After helping her identify the problem and seeing her self-confidence grow, we landed at Riccos for a glass of wine and pizza. You can view this on my other blog at…www.deborahlynnphotography.blogspot.com

The next morning I turned on my computer to get the latest emails and discovered a message from a friend that was left on facebook. “Deb, I’d love to learn to knit. Can you help me?” I replied back that, yes, I’d love to show her. We set a coffee shop date. This is where I’ve just come from. It was so exciting for me to see my friend so excited about this craft. An avid crocheter she is, she took to knitting like she’d been doing it for years. A smile swept across her face as her arms stretched out to hug me. “Thanks,” she said.

My life is filled with many giving moments like that; being a hospice volunteer, able to help families create memories of their still-born babies through NILMDTS, or just plain helping a friend feel better about her craft. I’m a giver and know that when my hand touches someone’s life, they appreciate the gift.

I encourage you to reach out in any way you know, to give someone a gift you may have. It sure does the heart good.

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