A tribute to fathers

This day is special. It honors all the Fathers in our lives. Happy Father’s Day to all!

You could be someone who had to step in as a father because the “real” father stepped out. You could be a mother who plays both roles due to a circumstance. You may miss your dad because he passed away, but always remember, he’s there in your heart. You could be someone like me who’s dad lives 1200 miles away making it impossible to spend the day with him.

But, whomever you are, I’m sure Father’s day is a special day for you.

I know for me, even though daddy lives so far away he shares a special place in  my heart, a place no body can replace. My dad is my hero. My dad is a respectable man. He cheers me on when I need a cheerleader, he lends an ear when I need to talk. He’s always been there for me when life gets me down. He laughs with me, cries with me, and begs to hear my latest success.

Dad, you are a special man. My heart fills with happiness for what you’ve brought to my life; years to smile back on, years to look forward to.

So, take time today to praise that man in your life you call dad or daddy. Love on him, and make him feel special.

God Bless dads!

One thought on “A tribute to fathers

  1. Alana says:

    Hi Deb,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. RWA is great – I’m in the Chick Lit Writers of the World chapter also and the group is really helpful. Good luck with your writing – I finally got an agent and my book is in submission right now with the editors.

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