A Gracious Woman

Debbie Macomber is a legend in the author community. I had the pleasure of watching her in action while she stood in front of 100’s of women all waiting to have the newest book signed. She stood at a podium, in the cafe of Barnes & Noble. This woman is amazing…and gracious. She tells stories of how she began as a writer and why she continues as a writer.

Her first book took 5 years to get published. Half way through that period her husband came to her and told her it was time to get a “real” job. They needed the extra money. She didn’t know where to begin. (Help me think of those three things she could possibly do after staying home with her four kids all those years: cashier, receptionist at the dentist office, and…) Her husband asked if she was okay one night while lying next to her…she said, no…she felt that she could have really made it as an author. Her husband said, okay…go for it!

Living on $150 a week, she took that first manuscript to the postoffice, kids in tow, and handed the man $10 to mail it off. The man told Debbie that she had to let go of that money so he could mail it for her…she laughed, saying “it was $10 out of my weekly money.” It was all worth it, because her phone rang–it was the agent. Yes, we’ll represent you, he said!

There began her career. Since that first book, Debbie has published over 100 books. She’s a real person. A woman I adore. As a fellow author, I know what she goes through–trying to balance her day.

She told us that she is still trying to figure out how to balance her day; writing, family, and knitting. She works to pay for two house payments.

I immediately signed up for her mailings lists; snail mail and email.

I want to remain as gracious as she is. Her fans adore her, obvious from the turnstyle line snaking through the cafe and continuing out by the front door.

I’d love to hear from you if you were there. I’d love to hear what you think constitutes a great author…I’d love to be that.

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