Observations from above

Today  I sit up in my loft overlooking the two experienced guys sent to install my new carpet. They’ve given me a sense of calm with the way they took to task. Tearing up pieces to lay on the kitchen floor as they moved my large overstuffed pieces of furniture to rest on top. They do everything with such precision, such confidence, and with such determination to complete the job. I’m excited to see my furniture on top of it. The flecks of brown scattered through the warm rich tan fibers. It will give the room much color while adding to the ambience.

I sit up in my loft with only a cup left over from last night found on my nightstand, filled with water from the tap. A bag of tortilla chips left behind by my daughter on her way out the door this morning. My kitchen is full of furiture, blocking any entry into my refrigerator or pantry. Okay, I’m hungry as I write this – staring at the open bag of chips on my desk – would be better with a bit of salsa ( which is in my refrigerator)…

I feel like a girl left upstairs in her loft for being naughty. I haven’t, I assure you, I’ve been nothing but good – the reason I get this new carpet.

I’ve put an S.O.S out to my friends asking for a bowl of salsa or a latte from Starbucks. Nobody has responded yet. My daughters are at work, so they can’t help. I guess I can only hope these experienced workers won’t take much longer. A trip to Chic-Fil-A is sounding pretty good about right now.

Oh, did I mention, they sing in Spanish?

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