A Perfect Beginning

I pull the shades up in my newly decorated writing room. There standing below is a family of deer. I smile, wondering where they’ve been.  I wonder where they’re headed for the day. The grass and trees have been so dry due to no moisture. I hope they will find a place to rest today; a place to eat.

I stand there awhile longer taking in the beauty ouside the window. Imagining that one day soon the trees will turn green and the grass will be plush and vibrant again. It’s been a dry winter, obvious from the window.

I stand a bit longer as I listen to the sound that the birds make. So happy to be back after months of chilling tempertures.

I can smell the coffee brewing downstairs. After retrieving a mug full, I head outdoor to take a closer look. A while-tailed baby rabbit hops out from under the porch. He heads in the same direction as my deer friends went. He’s on a search for breakfast as well, I’m thinking anyway. A dog barks from across the path, obviously being bothered by something. The chug of a near by train can be heard from my front porch. A fire truck on it’s way to somewhere; hopefully not too unpleasant.

I sip my coffee, it’s getting cold.

The sun is making it ascent upward promising a magical day. Temperatures in the 60’s, and bright blue skies is what the weatherman predicts. Another day. Another God-given day. I say a silent payer of thanks.

I pray that your day will be as magical as the one I just observed!

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