Live for Today

My thoughts are this… I’ve been a person who chooses to live for the day. We can’t do anything about yesterday, and tomorrow isn’t here yet. So, for those that seem to want to dwell in the past, why I ask? Why would you exerpt so much energy on yesterday, when tomorrow is somthing to look forward to.

I spent the majority of yesterday figuring out how not to write a query letter to an agent. I didn’t get hung up on that today. I spent the majority of today working on the backcover of my novel so I can write the perfect query letter. Little did I know, I needed to do step one before step two. But if I spend my thoughts thinking I’ve wasted my time yesterday that’s bunk… Today is a new day. Today is all I have for now. Tomorrow is something¬† new and exciting… Look to tomorrow. It’ll be all you have at that moment. Savor it…

Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies. — Ann Landers

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