The Journey

I began my journey in May of 2008; a journey that will be complete on March 31st of 2009. I go to bed every night thinking I need to stick to a schedule, but the problem is, I need to keep to it. I am a writer and… writers write, I’m told. Well, then, I need to write and not let the little things get in my way.

If it’s anything I can help a writer understand is, if you start it, whether it be a novel or an article, FINISH IT! I truly believe that most writers are attacked by doubts of whether they can really finish it and is this really worth the effort. It’s hard work, but work that will pay off in the end. Persistance is the key! Disipline is the key! And Sticktuitiveness is the key! How else will we get the journey accomplished if we don’t stick to it…

That means I get up in the morning and treat this like a job. How many of you have really treated this like a job. Not me! Maybe it’s time I do. I fit it in to my week, but the wierd thing is, IT WORKS!!! My writers groups help me stay focused and I believe they are key to helping with that issue.

Journey really means to travel from one place to another, in other words, from the beginning to the end of our work.

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